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Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve

Liquid lipo before and after christchurch

Liquid Lipo 

What is it.? The world's first topical gel showing a reduction in subcutaneous fat within the skin. It was reported over a  5 day periodically/or four clinic sessions by 3000 customers in 2018 to 2020 the following effect.

"They Measured on body mass scales and via inch loss proved fat loss not water. 95% experienced the positive side effects, Reduced bloating & inch loss. 

How does it work.?

This is a cold tingling stimulation due the chemical reaction in the skin causing the secretion of fat in the subcutaneous layers 

The more fat and looser the skin the more applications needed.

It follows a unique five step process.

Stimulation- Exfoliating Mentha Avernis 


Breakage -Green Tea / Witch Hazel 

Secretion- Prune juice 

Tightening-Aloe vera leaf

Every ingredient triggers a follow on effect, each ingredients is protected so they don't dissolve each other until its their time.

But if there is a visceral blockage or problem exiting the lymphatic system you need the opposite chemical composition.

Breakage and thinning of the harder stubborn fat to secrete it in the lymphatic system otherwise the cold gel would sit alongside the lymph fluid. Water is needed after to ensure the now thinner lipids leaves the body.

Key ingredients 

Caffeine, Green Tea, Mint, Aloe Vera, Witch hazel, Prune extract

Liquid Lipo wrap only - £50 for 1 area / Course of 5 for £200 - Choose between Tummy, Legs & Arms. 

(Optional 50% off Microneedling Facial whilst you wait)

fat loss southampton

Bespoke Liquid Lipo body contouring treatments are tailored to you. Every client is different and the treatment isn't a

"one size fits all" At your appointment I will asses the area being treated and use the appropriate Liquid lipo for the type of fat I'm treating. 


Bespoke Treatment includes:


Liquid Lipo wrap

Vibro plate session to stimulate your lymphatic system

(unless you have any joint problems)

Sauna blanket- to heat up the fat which makes it easier to dissolve as well as help with detoxing. It’s also relaxing but I do recommend you bring a spare pair of underwear as yours may get a bit damp.


Radio frequency is extremely effective for non-surgical skin tightening, firming loose & sagging skin as well as body contouring.


Cavitation - uses ultrasonic waves to put bubbles in your fat cells till they burst. This further enhances the liquid lipo fat dissolving and destroys the fat cells for long term results.


Vacuum therapy - moves the broken down fat towards the lymph nodes where your body will process it and remove through your lymphatic system.


Liquid lipo is the only clinically proven fat dissolve gel.. It works in a similar 


Appointment time

Liquid Lipo wrap only - 1hr (All clinics) / Bespoke Treatment (Only available in Ringwood) - 1hr & 20 mins

We recommend you avoid showing for at least 6 - 8 hrs & drink at least 2 litres of water daily to ensure all the toxins are flushed out through the lymphatic system.

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